2009 CC Important Check-In and Misc Info

OK Folks,
Hope the summer is going well for all. Thought I might touch base with everyone before the mandatory KHSAA "Dead Period" (no contact between coaches and athletes) goes into effect in a little over a week from now.  Most folks physicals are expired or about to expire. Remember you can not practice without a current physical on file in the athletic office.
Class of 2013 and all other new folks. Welcome to CAL Cross Country!!! Like airline flight attendants say at the end of each flight "We know you had many choices in High Schools and in High School sports, so we sure are glad you chose CAL and CAL CC specifically" .
Communication! Communication! Communication! Our goal is to keep you well informed throughout the season with the good, the bad and even the ugly. Did you know that the spoken word makes up only 7% of how we as humans communicate with each other and that body language and voice tone make up the other 93%? I mention this because much of our communication with you the parents is through email and sometimes what we write in these emails does not come out the way we think it does when we are writing it. Parents; if you ever, ever, ever have any questions about what is going on please do not hesitate to ask by email, by phone or even in person. Coach Stallings and I have coached together for 5 years and even we at times have trouble understanding each other. Below is a New You Tube video link of an example of this.
We will try to keep you well informed throughout the season by various mediums. The first and probably the primary way is through this yahoo email group. If you have any other email addresses you would like to add to this group please email them to me, so I can add them to the group.
The second is through our team website www.runcalrun. com . Our schedule, roster, directions to meets, pictures, videos and school records will be on here. Currently this past years track and cc seasons are on here to give you a feel of what to expect. Below I have important dates to remember and items you need to have turned in before our first practice. Have a fantastic rest of the summer!!!
Coach D : - )
Important Dates
1. There is a mandatory check-in day on Saturday July 11th @ School in Centurion Hall from 10a-1p for all those competing in a fall sport. This is so you can hand in all of your required items such as physicals, fees, etc. More to follow on what is required to be turned in later in this email. If you are unable to attend, then please make prior arrangements to have all of your required items turned into the Athletic Department before July 11th.
2. First CC Practice will be Thursday July 16th @ 7:00pm to 9:00pm in Tom Sawyer Park. We usually meet in front of the pool.
3. Our normal practice schedule during the summer is below. Practice will be @ Tom Sawyer.
Change Change Change!!!    Saturday will be a normal practice day during the summer this year. In the past this has been a voluntary practice day with a lot of the team participating. This year Coach and I feel in order to achieve the team goals and get the necessary mileage to reach these goals, that we needed to make this a normal practice day and get full team participation. There will be an incentive program (to be announced at a the begining of summer practice) to help encourage Saturday practice participation.
Monday- 7:00pm-9:00pm
Tuesday- 7:00pm-9:00pm
Wednesday- practice on your own
Thursday- 7:00-9:00pm
Friday- 5:15-6:45pm
Saturday- 9:00am-11:00am
Sunday- church day.rest day. it's a great day
Required items to turn in.
1. Current KHSAA physical. You can not practice without a current physical. A physical is current for one year from the physical date. Please make sure you fill out all of the blanks on the physical form. Items such as student & parents signature, health insurance info and SSN are often left blank by mistake.

2. Athletic Fee. The fee is $125 the same as the last several school years. Thanks to the athletic department for not raising the athletic fee. Please pay by check only and put your child's name on the memo line.
3. Parent/Athlete contract signed. This contract must be signed by both parent and athlete. This contract is only good for one school year, so you will have to sign a new one for the 2009/2010 school year.

4. Kort form signed. This form must be signed by both parent and athlete.This form is current for one school year, so you will have to sign a new one for the 2009/2010 school year.