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CAL Cross Country Summer Mileage Program

 Well, now that we have officially wrapped up another very successful track season, it is time to think cross country!  As you all know, we have a strong tradition in cross country - a run of winning 11 girls Regional titles in 12 years, 2 boys State Runner-up trophies and  the 2009 3rd place finish for the girls.  The success of all those teams was not due to exceptional talent, luck, wishful thinking or dreaming – it came from hard work!!!  Summer miles ALWAYS pay off.  Cross country is mostly about training, which means miles.  If you want to be good at cross country, RUN DURING THE SUMMER!  There are no shortcuts.  I know sometimes training can be difficult through mission trips, camps, GSP or sometimes vacations, but if you want to honor God with the abilities He has given you, then you must find a way to workout consistently through the summer.  That means some planning and forethought.  Get in higher mileage on weeks that you aren’t so busy, get up earlier to sneak in a run before the day’s events and when its impossible to run, be creative and figure out some kind of alternate exercise/workout to do.  And yes, I will give you mileage credit for situations like this. 

Lets talk 2011!  

Boys – You find yourself where the girls team was 2 years ago.  The 2008 squad painfully missed qualifying for state by one point.  They were determined not to let if happen again, so a group of girls put in a great summer, laying the ground work for a place on the awards podium that November.  Also, all remnants of the boys 2007 State Runner-up team are gone.  You are the next generation – how will you be remembered?  If you work hard, you will find yourselves carrying on the great recent tradition we have at CAL.  Take the challenge!  

Girls – Last year didn’t finish quite as high as we had hoped for, but we have a very strong returning group and the goal absolutely should be to collect a State team trophy.  This year’s team will be more balanced, with our strength being putting a flood of runners in the top 30 at State.  Do this and you will be asked to come up on the stage.  We want to continue to be one of the schools mentioned as a contender every year.    

Individuals – Don’t assume that any spot is locked up.  One of the main reasons I love cross country is there is a direct correlation between hard work and success.  Challenge yourself to find out how good of a runner you can be.  As we develop the gifts God has given us, we glorify Him and ultimately this is our true goal.    

The biggest key leading to cross country success is the mileage base built up before and early in the season.  That is why we are continuing the CAL Cross Country Summer Mileage Program.  The goal is to accumulate a minimum of 500 miles total during June, July & August.  This will give you a solid mileage base, which should and will result in you reaching your full potential and the team reaching our goals.  Basically a win-win.     

Attached you will find a simple mileage chart.  Just record the number of miles you run in the box for that day.  Those achieving the 500 mile level will receive a VERY NICE incentive shirt.  Last past 2 year’s shirts are prized possessions – get yours (or add to your collection) this year.  There may be some special awards for top mileage earners.  500 miles can be achieved by averaging around 40 miles a week.  And remember that almost half of this period will be after our regular season practices have started – so you get credit for doing something you have to do already anyway.  And as an extra bonus to you tracksters – IF you were training with the track team through the State Meet, whether as a competitor, alternate or innocent bystander, you can add a bonus 50 miles to your summer total.

Now get out there and run those miles – you know Coach D is getting them in!

CAL 500 Mile Summer Miles