Lenny Lyles Meet Info

Sorry for the lateness of the meet info, but I've/we've been having a hard time getting the info as well and actually still don't have it. Here is what we are going to do based on last season's Lenny Lyles Info. If changes occur we will get them out ASAP. Lenny Lyles is this Saturday March 21st held at Central High School Stadium. Same as last weekends meet.
New Showtime
8:45 am
Meet Time
8:30 am Field events
10:30ish am Running events-depends on completion of discus which competes in the middle of the track and is a safety issue to have running events going on with discus throwing at the same time. Running events could start earlier than 10:30am
Order of Events
Field events Start at 8:30am
Boys shot followed by girls
Girls discus followed by boys
Girls long jump followed by by boys and then the girls triple jump followed by boys
Girls High Jump will start after the discus is complete followed by Boys High Jump
Running events Start at Approx 10:30am Girls start first in each running event
4 x 800
100/110 hurdles
100 dash
4 x 200 relay
4 x 100
300 hurdles
4 x 400 relay