2010 State Meet Info

3:00p Everyone (except Max and Brooke). It is important that everyone get there at 3:00p, because you will not be able to enter the stadium without a competitor number bib which we will get on State Meet day.

***All athletes and coaches will have to enter the track through the Field Hockey Field off of Warnock St.***
There will be a big tent on the Warnock St. side of the Trager Stadium Field Hockey Field. Click here for a map of U of L.

Admission for parents/spectators will be through the normal track entrance. Price is $10. Ouch! A little steep.

Meet Time
3:00p Girls Discus (Brooke)
3:00p Boys Shot (Max)

3:45p Track open for Warm-Ups
4:15p Track closed for Warm-Ups

4:30p Girls/Boys Pole Vault (Andi, Sean and Matthew)
4:30p Boys Triple Jump (Caleb)
4:30p Girls Long Jump (Paige)

4:30p Girls 4 x 800
4:55p Boys 4 x 800
5:20p Girls 100m hurdles (Sadie)
5:45p Girls 100m dash (Chalisa and Paige)
6:05p Girls 4 x 200
6:15p Boys 4 x 200
6:35p Boys 1600 (Jared)
6:45p Girls 4 x 100
6:55p Boys 4 x 100
7:15p Boys 400 (Connor and Drew)
7:25p Girls 300m Hurdles (Sadie)
7:45p Girls 800 (Sarah R)
7:50p Boys 800 (Jared)
7:55p Girls 200 (Chalisa)
8:05p Boys 200 (Jason)
8:15p Girls 3200 (Jenna and Dria)
8:45p Girls 4 x 400
9:00p Boys 4 x 400