Eastern Relays Info 2011

26th annual Eastern Relays Track Meet

Spring 2011 | April 29th and 30th

University of Louisville Cardinal Park Track

Coaches, I am proud to invite you to the 26th annual Eastern Relays Track meet.  The Eastern Relays draws strong teams and individuals from KY, IN, OH, TN, WV, and IL.  I invite you to consider bringing your best to the University of Louisville Cardinal Park for a great meet.


If you plan to attend please send an email to confirm to michael.horan@jefferson.kyschools.us so that we can include you in future correspondence.  See last year’s results (http://ky.milesplit.us/meets/60479 ).


Highlights from the 2010 Eastern Relays:

  • Girls 1600m battle between junior Emma Brink (4:52.77) and senior Anna Bostrom (4:54.06), leading 9 girls under 5:20.
  • Boys 1600m battle between senior Ryan Eaton (4:15.57) and freshman Jacob Burcham (4:16.40) leading 9 boys under 4:25.
  • Mason (OH) boys 4x1600m relay ran 17:45 to qualify for nationals leading 5 teams under 19 minutes.
  • Lawrence Central (IN) boys relay teams won 4x200m in 1:28.02 and 4x800m in 7:58.28 and were runners up in the DMR in 10:30.56 (behind winner Greenwood’s 10:24.85).
  • In the 4x200m relay Lawrence Central led 5 teams under 1:30.
  • Brandon Bagley ran a state-leading 37.90 in the 300m Hurdles
  • Margaret Bamgbose 57.89 (IL) and Anna Carrigan 57.99 (KY) battled over 400m

One note about last year’s results: The meet was suspended due to severe weather before the 800m races began.

Meet Schedule

Friday         (Note that Friday participation is not mandatory)

6:00 pm            All events are on a rolling schedule

HS 800m Sprint Medley Relay (100-100-200-400),

HS 2000m Steeplechase,

HS 1600m Sprint Relay (200-200-400-800),

HS Open 100m (non-scoring, no awards)

HS Open 1600m (non-scoring, no awards)

Girls 4000m Distance Medley Relay (1200-400-800-1600)

Boys 4x1600m Relay (entry limited to teams who project to break 20 minutes)

**Other special events may be added Friday at meet management’s discretion.

There are no limits on entry for Friday’s Open events (100m, 1600m), just please be reasonable.



9:00 am            Coaches Meeting

9:30 am            Field Events begin (rolling schedule)

Pole Vault, Long Jump, Discus (girls first followed by boys)

High Jump, Triple Jump, Shot Put (boys first followed by girls)

 10:00 am Running Events begin (rolling schedule)

4x800m relay, 100/110m hurdles, 100m dash, 4x200m relay, 1600m run, 4x100m relay, 400m dash, 300m hurdles, 800m run, 200m dash, 3200m run, 4x400m relay


Events at DuPont Manual- Non-scoring, no awards, hand-timed

Manual’s track is one city block from Cardinal Park and they have volunteered to include these non-scoring, no award events for athletes who did not qualify for the meet.  All races at Manual will be on a fixed time schedule so athletes and coaches at UofL can plan accordingly.  The schedule may be modified before the meet based on entries and any adjustments will be communicated before the meet.

Girls 3200m- 11:00am

Boys 3200m- 11:20am

Girls 400m- 11:40am

Boys 400m- 12noon

Girls 800m- 12:20pm

Boys 800m- 12:40pm


Track Events: All track events are timed finals.


Field Events: Shot put, discus, long jump, and triple jump will be contested with 3 jumps/throws, with the top 9 athletes advancing to finals.  During the preliminary round, all marks will be measured in the first round.  During the second and third rounds only marks that exceed the entry standard will be measured.  All marks will be measured in the final.


For the High Jump and Pole Vault the starting height will begin at the entry standard.

Entry Fees

Make all checks payable to Eastern High School

Early Entry Fee (must be at Eastern by April 1st). $85 per boys’ team entered, $85 per girls’ team entered

Early Individual Entry Fee (must be at Eastern by April 1st). $15 per individual


Entry Fee (deadline for payment is April 20th). $100 per boys’ team entered, $100 per girls’ team entered

Individual Entry Fee (deadline for payment is April 20th). $20 per individual


There will be no refunds after payments are made.  Consider the entry guidelines before entry.  



Awards for First, Second, and Third Overall Team. Awards for the top 8 finishers in each individual event.

Awards for the top 3 relays in each relay event. Scoring:  10-8-6-5-4-3-2-1 for all events


Entry Standards

All entries must be sent using Hy-tek Team Manager or online entry.  The Hy-tek entry file will be sent at a later date via email only to coaches who have confirmed interest in the meet.  Out of state teams, please communicate if you do not have access to hy-tek.


Teams may enter all athletes who meet the entry marks, and all may score.  Entry times should be based oncurrent season performance, not lifetime best or predicted marks. 


Only athletes who have achieved the entry standard in 2011 should be entered; those not meeting the mark will not be allowed to compete (if there is an unusual exception for a highly qualified individual please communicate in advance).  Friday’s events are open to all performers, no qualifying standards.  All teams may enter relay events.


100h   19.83


110h   18.99

100m  13.75

300h   54.50

100m  11.95

300h   46.74

200m  28.92

HJ       4-04.00

200m  24.55

HJ      5-04.00

400m  1:08.38

LJ       13-00.00

400m  54.80

LJ      18-00.00

800m  2:36

TJ       27-00.00

800m  2:06

TJ      35-00.00

1600m  5:55

Shot Put  25-00.00

1600m  4:48

Shot Put  38-00.00

3200m  14:00

Discus   75-00

PV 7-00

3200m  10:38

Discus    100-00

PV 10-00

Note that none of the events on Friday night have an entry standard, and each team is allowed to enter a relay in every relay event.  We are also working with DuPont Manual to provide some other non-qualifying events on Saturday for those interested.


An athlete may compete in a maximum of 4 events total between Friday and Saturday.


Entry deadline

Hytek Entries should be received by Monday April 25, 2011.  Any entries received after the deadline will be charged an additional $25 fee.  All athletes are assigned a unique competitor number.  There will be a $5 fee for athletes that are not included in the entries that need to be assigned a competitor number on meet day.


Any out of state teams that do not have access to hytek, we can make alternate arrangements if necessary.

Eastern Relays Meet Manager Mike Horan michael.horan@jefferson.kyschools.us

SCHOOL PHONE—(502) 485-8243

ATHLETIC OFFICE—(502) 485-8432