Eastern Relays Info

This is a nationally competitive meet the requires qualification to compete in. The Friday portion of the meet does not require qualification, so we will compete Friday along with those who qualify for Saturdays portion.

2012 Meet Schedule

Friday         (Note that Friday participation is not mandatory)

6:00 pm            All events are on a rolling schedule

800m Sprint Medley Relay (100-100-200-400),

Open 1600m (non-scoring, no awards)

1600m Sprint Relay (200-200-400-800),

Open 100m (non-scoring, no awards)

4000m Distance Medley Relay (1200-400-800-1600)

3200m *note this is a change from the originally published schedule

**Other special events may be added Friday at meet management’s discretion.

There are no limits on entry for Friday’s Open events (100m, 1600m), just please be reasonable.


9:00 am            Coaches Meeting

9:30 am            Field Events begin (rolling schedule)

Pole Vault, Long Jump, Discus (girls first followed by boys)

High Jump, Triple Jump, Shot Put (boys first followed by girls)

10:00 am Running Events begin (rolling schedule)

4x800m relay, 100/110m hurdles, 100m dash, 4x200m relay, 1600m run, 4x100m relay, 400m dash, 300m hurdles, 800m run, 200m dash, 2000m Steeplechase*, 4x400m relay

Events at DuPont Manual- Non-scoring, no awards, hand-timed

Manual’s track is one city block from Cardinal Park and they have volunteered to include non-scoring, no award events for athletes who did not qualify for the invitational portion of the meet.  All races at Manual will be on a fixed time schedule so athletes and coaches at UofL can plan accordingly.  The events are 3200m, 400m, and 800m.  The schedule will be communicated before the meet.  These events, along with Friday’s open events will provide an opportunity for non-qualifiers, relay legs, etc. to be a part of the meet.


Track Events: All track events are timed finals.


Field Events: Shot put, discus, long jump, and triple jump will be contested with 3 jumps/throws, with the top 9 athletes advancing to finals.  During the preliminary round, all marks will be measured in the first round.  During the second and third rounds only marks that exceed the entry standard will be measured.  All marks will be measured in the final.


For the High Jump and Pole Vault the starting height will begin at the entry standard.